The Gwendolene Project (TGP)

Is an exercise programme aimed at helping older Black adults (which can be extended to the BAME community) increase their activity levels. The programme is designed to encourage people to participate at their own pace and increase intensity when ready, with workouts based on a traffic light system: green being the easiest, increasing intensity with amber and red.


There are three different sections to each colour: warm-up, cardio and MSE, with the cool-down and relaxation sections being the same for all. This allows 27 possible combinations to create bespoke exercise plans, which can be done standing or in a chair. There is also a bonus in-bed exercises video for bedridden people or recovering from an illness such as the flu or COVID. Exercises can be delivered in person, online or on a DVD.

We have an online hub that allows access to:

  • All workout videos
  • Infographics on older adults and physical exercise.
  • UK Chief Medical Officer’s guidelines on physical activity guidelines.
  • UK Government’s Eatwell Guide.
  • How to use the hub instructional video.
  • Links to further information regarding physical activity and older adults.

Contact us for more information.

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